Dear Deborah,

I would like to say a big hello to Deborah Brunt. She is a big fan of

For the record, Deb (can I call you that?), in little over a month, this website has gone from an idea, to having 240 visitors, 102 members on the mailing list, 24 people on the message board. (as of tonight!) You can expect those numbers to grow exponentially in over the coming months. Exciting, eh?

Also, for the record, over 290 parents responded to the questionnaire that was sent home. It was sent home via backpacks, as a part of the Home and School or PTA newsletters. They were filled out in peoples homes and sent back the next day or so. I know you are unfamiliar with this process, since your kid went to private school, as you proudly pointed out in the meeting today. Thats how we do it in the public system.

Finally, I want to say, I am just a guy. I am one citizen who thought that maybe I could help get some communication going with the other parents in my community by starting a website. This is not an NDP website, or a Tory or Liberal website. It is a citizens website.

I know you and the rest of HRSB are worried that we are all talking now, but its for the best…

Thanks for the laughs tonight. It was a blast!

Your friend, Waye

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