Dollars & Sense II : lessons from good, cost-effective small schools

First came Dollars & Sense in 2002 then came Dollars and Sense II in 2005. This second report deepens the argument for small schools in three important ways. First, analysis of more than three thousand construction projects shows that smaller schools are no more expensive to build
than much larger schools. Second, analysis of the budgets of 25 good small schools throughout the
United States demonstrates that on average they spend less per student on educational program, maintenance and operations than the per-pupil expenditure in their districts, yet they achieve results that are equal to or better than schools in the same area. Third, these schools offer innovative and effective educational programs, facilities, and strategies for cost effectiveness that can serve as models and inspiration to people interested in cost-effective good small schools.

A complete Appendix containing contact information, budgets, test scores, and references follows the text. The website supplements the written report, and contains many documents from the schools and links to additional resources.

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