“Imagine Our Schools” Details Becoming Available

From the HRSB:

The first meeting for the SAC representatives group will be held on Thursday November 1st from 7 pm to 9pm in the gymnasium at the Gordon Bell Building (9 Taranaki Drive, Dartmouth). Our consultants will be meeting with representatives identified from each of the 61 SACs in the Imagine Our Schools process to explain their work to date and to prepare everyone for the community meetings.

The first round of community meetings are currently scheduled to be held November 13th for Dartmouth and November 14th for Halifax Peninsula. Locations and times are still being determined.

The second round of community meetings are scheduled to be held December 3rd for Dartmouth and December 4th for Halifax. Locations and times are also still being determined.

We are anticipating this information and other content will be placed on the HRSB website this week.

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