Motion that will be presented at HRSB on Wednesday

Whereas a new elementary school to replace Inglis Street Elementary School, LeMarchant St Thomas and St Mary’s School was approved in 2003 by the previous elected board; and

Whereas the decision to close these three schools was reached without community consultation, or consultation of HRM urban planners and the HRM regional development plan; and

Given that the research and rationale behind the decision to close these schools has never been presented to the affected communities; and

Whereas school closure is a process that requires community consultation;

I move that the HRSB request the Department of Education remove the proposed new elementary school, for the south end of Halifax, from the new school construction list until the educational needs of the community have been reviewed, analysed and assessed in consultation with the HRM planning department and the affected communities and not be placed back on the list unless there is a proven acceptable rationale for the construction of this new school.

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