Results of HRSB meeting

I know all the parents and concerned citizens are desperate for information about the meeting tonight. Unfortunately the HRSB voted to refer Lynn’s motion to Carole Olsen for a staff report, who in turn will consult the SACs. There is no real direction why this report is being generated, how it would impact the decision, and there is no timeframe for response.

Ms Olsen is leaving the country on vacation on December 3 so this process will not start until the new year.

Several board members indicated that the SAC consultation may then in turn be enough consultation to make the main motion unnecessary, though this was speculation rather than part of the motion.

While it will take a night and a day for the implications of this to sink in, it is clear that this result is not what we hoped for.

More information will be available tomorrow. I taped the HRSB meeting and will put the audio online for all to hear. It is pretty amusing.

The steering committee meets tomorrow night and results will be posted immediately.

Much much more to come!

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